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    Public Policy that Women and their Families Can Trust

    The Drake Institute of Research and Policy will be releasing the first edition of the Drake Legislative Review Journal this summer. Submissions for publication are now being accepted. 

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    Who We Are

    We are a national public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C., conducting public policy research and developing initiatives to improve outcomes for more than 25 MILLION WOMEN in the United States.

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    What We Do

    We monitor, analyze, and critique legislation across 35 policy areas to provide research support to women legislators serving at the state, county, and municipal levels of government.

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    How We Do It

    We collaborate with subject matter experts, nonprofit organizations, activists, faith-based leaders, educators, social enterprises & everyday women who are interested in advancing women in society.

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    Destiny Drake West Founder & CEO
    "Welcome to the Drake Institute of Research and Policy, where the bold new world of women's policy is explored, documented, critiqued, and guided."
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    Animal Welfare Policy: A Women’s Issue

    Policy Overview Women have led the charge for animal rights since the beginning. Parallels between animal rights and women’s rights issues have been recognized in research and advocacy. The objectification…

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    Agricultural Policy: A Women’s Issue

    Policy Overview Women have played a significant role in farming and agriculture in the United States for hundreds of years. Much of their experience has been acquired while serving in…

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