Addressing High-Risk Deliveries in New York

In New York, 34.1% of all live births involved cesarean sections in 2017. This means that out of 228,501 live births in 2017, approximately 77,918 births involved a cesarean section. When a cesarean section is performed in the case of a low-risk pregnancy it greatly increases the risk of both maternal and infant mortality. Additionally, cesarean sections are more expensive than vaginal deliveries. Providing information on the risks associated with cesarean sections can help cut back on unnecessary surgeries.

In New York State, sixty-six percent of maternal deaths involve a cesarean section. here are currently 19.6 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. This number is significantly higher for African-American women in New York. The number of maternal deaths among African-American women is 51.6 per 100,000 live births, which demonstrates clear racial disparities in maternal mortality rates.

In 2017, 77,918 births involved a cesarean section in New York!”

Currently, there is no standardization of information that must be provided to maternity patients who are planning to have or have had a cesarean section. When information is provided to patients it is often full of medical jargon that is difficult for the general public to understand. If standardized information is made available to maternity patients then it is more likely they will be aware of the risks associated with a cesarean section.

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