The Drake Institute of Research and Policy is a national think tank based in Washington, D.C. that was founded in 2018 by Destiny Drake West. 

We  research legislation that impacts the quality of life for women in the United States and track, analyze, and highlight the bills sponsored by women legislators serving at every level of government across the nation.

We have UNBOXED women’s policy by moving research methods that inform the policymaking process from a default male-dominate perspective to one that places women and their families at the epicenter of concern.”


Our mission is to empower women legislators beyond term limits, across the aisle, and over state lines through the development and use of integrated research models and technology. 

We accomplish this by identifying gaps in research and policymaking on issues of concern to women living in the United States. Then, we facilitate collaboration among academics, women legislators, and our dynamic membership base.



As a result of the institute’s collaborative research and policy development efforts, women legislators will be more recognized as informed and effective leaders in their current roles and when seeking higher political office. They will also receive their fair share of recognition in academia, the media, and within the political arena regardless of budget constraints, party affiliation, or jurisdiction.

Along the way, we will help advance stronger policy initiatives and legislative activity while creating pathways to political office and civic leadership for our members.



It is common knowledge that women legislators are more harshly criticized and penalized for failed public policy than their male counterparts.

DRAKE strives to address this issue by developing research databases and IT Software exclusively for the benefit of women legislators and their staff. 


Step into the exciting new world of women’s policy because your quality of life depends on it.

Get involved today! Our members represent over 30 professional industries and bring a wealth of knowledge, diversity of thought, and inextinguishable energy to the pursuit of women’s empowerment.

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