The Drake Institute of Research and Policy is a national, nonpartisan, public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. We develop high-quality grassroots intelligence, expert opinion, and policy analyses to promote public policy that women can trust at the state, county, and municipal levels of government.

The Drake Institute of Research and Policy brings a fresh perspective to public policy discourse.”


Develop public policy solutions that women and their families can trust at every level of government, nationwide.



Provide high-quality, high-impact research support to legislators and their teams by partnering with academics and stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. 



Women can fully participate in society only when our laws promote safety, equity, and justice for all people. By providing access to high quality information and research support, legislators can recognize gaps in policy and research which could help them develop better policy solutions for women and their families. 

Step into the exciting new world of women’s policy with the Drake Institute!”

Get involved today! Our members represent over 30 professional industries and bring a wealth of knowledge, diversity of thought, and relentless commitment to the pursuit of women’s empowerment.

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