Collection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Information

Bill: Hawaii Senate Bill SR64- Collection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Information

Date: June 4, 2020

Sponsors: Sen. Karl Rhodes

Hearing Date: No hearing date has been set

Current Committee: Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health

Contact: Drake Institute of Research and Policy, 202-891-1988


The Drake Institute of Research and Policy SUPPORTS Senate Bill SR64 which calls for the Hawaii legislature to pass and the Governor to sign legislation that would implement the collection of sexual orientation and gender identity information by the following departments: The Department of Health (via the behavioral risk factor surveillance system), and the Department of Education (via the youth risk behavior surveillance system).

The Federal Government does not accurately report and identify the issues facing disenfranchised groups in the United States. It has now become a responsibility of states to collect this information. The Federal Bureau of Investigation only reports an estimated 7,500 out of 200,000 hate crimes annually. Studies show that transgender men, women, and gender-nonconforming persons are more likely to be discriminated against in all sectors of life. Twenty-six percent of trans people were fired for bias, 50% were harassed while working, 20% were evicted or denied housing, and 78% of trans students faced harassment and assault. A study completed by the William Institute of Law at UCLA found that 51% of respondents who were physically attacked in a public place attempted suicide within that year. More than 40% responded they had attempted suicide in their lifetime.

This collection of information by the State of Hawaii could help reduce suicides by adults and teens in marginalized groups, better assist the state with addressing causes of homelessness, and make schools a more inclusive place.

For these reasons, the Drake Institute of Research and Policy SUPPORTS Hawaii Senate Bill SR64 and asks for a FAVORABLE report.

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