Desiree Jacobs

Desiree Jacobs | National Ambassador | Houston, Texas

Desiree Jacobs attended Eastern Oregon University and majored in communications, with a focus on marketing and business. She graduated Cum Laude and promptly gained experience in brand promotions and national sales objectives. Her ability to operate effectively and successfully in large, complex, organizations translates into her role as a Realtor. Her communication, people-centric nature, and compassion have afforded her excellent problem-solving skills. 

Working as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a diabetic supply company, Desiree honed her abilities in retention and process improvement, providing a firm foundation for real estate. She was responsible for developing working relationships with investment partners and completing large-scale transactions. Frequently traveling to potential customers and providing necessary figures, statistics, and information when dealing with mergers and acquisitions, she was able to successfully turn customers into clients.

Desiree’s positive outlook and optimism inspire those around her to achieve success and render a constructive and productive working environment. As an engaging communicator with a proven track record in process development, her focus on building strong professional relationships has been a beneficial asset throughout her career.

Her mission in real estate is to be the most helpful and resourceful agent. And ease the processes of home-selling and home-buying experience for the client.

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