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You have been invited to apply for membership with the Drake Institute Intelligence Network, a community of emerging research experts and policy leaders.

About legislateHer

Members of the Drake Institute Intelligence Network have the exclusive opportunity to experience the Institute’s online platform, legislateHer®

legislateHer is a new state-of-the-art virtual research arena featuring everything emerging researchers and policy leaders need for developing and presenting cutting edge initiatives that change lives. Features include an e-publishing house, e-lecture hall, e-study center, e-briefing room, and an e-library. 

e-publishing house | Members are permitted to publish an unlimited number of op-eds, briefs, memos, commentary and other research documents on the platform. Select documents will be included in the first edition of The Drake Legislative Review journal, an annual publication that is circulated in print to congresswomen and digitally to more than 5,000 policy leaders and experts nationwide.

E-lecture hall | Members are permitted to host and attend 30 minute online lectures to educate the intelligence community on policy issues developing in their respective fields. 

E-study center | Members are permitted to join and potentially lead one of our 18 policy collaboratives where national initiatives are developed and implemented online and off. 

E-briefing room | Members are permitted to participate in Q&A sessions led by leaders of the 18 collaboratives to stay engaged and informed on developing research and policy issues. This space also offers the opportunity to break away from nearly 7 million other highly qualified scientists working in the United States and build rapport with legislators serving nationwide.

E-library | The e-library features documents published through the legislateHer® e-publishing house. Members are permitted to browse and critique available documents to help shape national discourse.

How it Works

Each year, a maximum of 50 subject matter experts and 10 general policy experts will be granted membership credentials for one of the 18 policy collaboratives exclusively available on legislateHer. Once legislateHer® has reached capacity (1080 experts), the first credentialed applicant on the waitlist will be offered the opportunity to register for membership. There are no restrictions on the number of memberships extended to current legislators. The goal is to keep legislateHer® from being oversaturated with “experts.” This will allow our experts to capture more exposure to potential legislators on the platform and to emerge as go-to authorities in their respective fields. 

Members are carefully vetted to ensure the safety and security of our intelligence community. To be approved, prospective members must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of professional experience in her respective field. All information will be verified prior to approval. 

If an application is approved, the applicant will be granted credentials to register for membership. An annual membership fee of $480 can be paid in monthly installments of $40. There is no fee associated with memberships extended to current legislators. Newly credentialed applicants will have 30 days to register before being waitlisted. This allows other credentialed applicants to secure a membership while space is available. 

To expedite the credentialing process, applicants should register with an email address ending with .edu or .gov and should provide proof of qualifications along with the $40 processing fee. 

Additional Information

This invitation cannot be transferred to anyone else and the submission of the following form will not be reviewed without prior approval of the institute’s selection committee.

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree paired with at least 10 years of professional experience in a specific field of study/practice is required for approval.
  • Please provide the URL for your professional profile or website to help expedite the screening process.
  • Upon approval, you will be granted access to only one collaborative.
  • The image must be high quality, unobstructed, and uncropped.

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