Feature Article | A Seat at the Table with Destiny Drake West by The Female CEO

Washington, D.C.—Founder and Chief Executive Officer Destiny Drake West of the Drake Institute of Research and Policy was recently interviewed by The Female CEO’s Tricia Scott.

A preview of the article is provided below:

“When it comes to the bringing together of minds for the benefit of womankind, rarely have I ever met someone quite so passionate and put together as Destiny Drake West. Sitting in conversation with her feels like drinking tea with your best friend, if your best friend were Michelle Obama that is. You know she’s a big deal but you can’t help but feel at great ease in her presence. It’s safe to say I liked her from day one.

Innovator and relentless in her commitment to the pursuit of women’s empowerment Destiny founded The Drake Institute of Research and Policy, a nonpartisan policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. with a lofty goal is to assist women legislators at every level of government to discover issues specifically affecting women which until now were under-researched hidden sub-topics, often going unrecognised and unseen in the media or on news channels. By taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to research their team can take on these areas of policy and identity gaps in policymaking where crucial needs remain unmet, creating lists of recommendations for legislators to consider adopting and improving the quality of life for some 25 million women across the United States.

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