Jillian Pizzi

Jillian Pizzi | National Ambassador | Boston, Massachusetts 

“There’s nothing that feels better than giving someone in need an open ear or a shoulder to cry on. Just being with someone until they can figure things out themselves is invaluable. It’s priceless.”

Jillian is a licensed mental health practitioner. She provides in-home and in-community stabilization, clinical intervention through individual and family psychotherapy, support, service planning, advocacy and linkage services to children, including children with severe emotional disturbance (SED), adolescents and families in the community.

She works with diverse populations, including children and families frequently at risk due to multiple stressors, such as inadequate community supports and resources, language barriers, poverty and homelessness.

Jillian Pizzi graduated from Rivier University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Social Work and a Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counselling. Jillian has written two academic articles: Patterns of Behavior That People Display While in Therapeutic Treatment: Views Within a Private Counseling Setting. Insight: Rivier Academic Journal, Volume 7 Number 1, Pages. 1-7 (2011) and Children with Physical Disabilities. Insight: Rivier Academic Journal, Volume 4 Number 1, Pages 1-9 (2008). 
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