Letter of Support for New York Assembly Bill 760

The Drake Institute of Research and Policy SUPPORTS New York Assembly Bill 00760, that seeks to amend the New York State Urban Development Corporation Act, in relation to providing science, technology, engineering and mathematical grants for the encouragement of women and minorities to pursue careers in STEM.

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Education, granted 12 colleges and universities that serve large minority populations to receive $2,748,619 in grants to strengthen education programs in STEM fields. This was a result of high rates of exiting STEM majors, and the lack of diversity in the programs. According to the Education Researcher, students of all races enter STEM majors at roughly equal rates, but black and Latino students leave these majors at nearly twice the rate of white students. Data suggest that because black and Latino students are more likely to come from low-income families, they might not have access to the academic resources that traditionally help support students through to degree completion.

Assembly Bill 00760 will serve as a tool for minority students who require financial assistance in STEM majors. Moreover the grant will encourage minority students to finish their education and bring diversity to STEM. 

For these reasons, the Drake Institute of Research and Policy SUPPORTS New York Assembly Bill 00760 and asks for a FAVORABLE report.


Prepared by: Abigail Dubon

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