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The Exciting New World of Women’s Policy Awaits you at the Drake Institute of Research and Policy.”

Our members live in cities all across the nation and are multi-ethnic, multicultural, and socioeconomically diverse. From service workers to high powered executives, they represent millions of voices both heard and unheard. As a collective, they bring a wealth of knowledge, fresh perspectives, and a relentless commitment to the pursuit of women’s empowerment. They are the driving force behind the work we do. Join the hundreds of women who support our mission by becoming a member today.


Snapshot of member benefits:


Take your Leadership to the Next Level and Raise your Public Profile
Get appointed to one of the Drake Institute’s Councils or Commissions. Attend public events as an official representative of the think tank and contribute to public discourse on policy issues you care about.

Strengthen your Public Policy Footprint
Contribute to cutting edge research that informs the policymaking process to help advance women in society by participating in roundtable discussions, policy forums, webinars/seminars, and supporting policy initiatives.

Grow your Network of Supporters
Participate in exclusive networking events to build relationships with like-minded women, community leaders, and government/elected officials.

Get Published
Contribute to the Drake Institute’s Policy Index and/or Quarterly Journal.

Receive Recognition and Awards
Become eligible for research awards and receive recognition for your contributions to the Drake Institute’s public policy program.

Gain Insights About Policies Impacting your Quality of Life (Career, Finances, Safety, Health, Religious Freedoms, etc.)

Access resources exclusively available to members:

  • Online Research Database
  • Weekly Emails (Trending News, Current Events, and Opportunities to get Involved)
  • Quarterly Policy Journal
  • Policy Review Conference Calls
  • Research Support Services (Available to Influencers Only)
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