New Connections: Women Legislators (city, municipal, state, federal, and international)

In my role as the CEO of the Drake Institute of Research and Policy, I have the privilege and honor of meeting some of the most influential women leaders in America.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 women legislators serving at the city, state, and Congressional level in the United States and abroad. Some of them have offered to work in collaboration with the Drake Institute to help significantly improve outcomes for women and their families.

Below are a few women legislators who have become new friends of our great institute. I have found tremendous joy in following their journeys and learning about their work. They have listened to their constituents’ thoughts on important issues facing communities within their respective jurisdictions and have passed legislation to help allocate the resources, regulations, and oversight required for truly moving the needle.

As a nonpartisan think tank, the Drake Institute of Research and Policy does not endorse political candidates or their campaigns. However, we do aim to increase awareness of the contributions to public policy that women make while serving in legislatures across the country.

Destiny Drake West photographed with women legislators attending the National Foundation of Women Legislators 2019 Annual Conference.




Destiny Drake West, Hawaii State Senator Sharon Moriwaki, State Representative Val Okimoto, Councilwoman Kimberly Pine, State Senator Donna Kim,  OHA Trustee Kalei Akaka, and State Representative Lyn DeCoite


Destiny Drake West and Minnesota State Representative Rena Moran


New Jersey Assemblywoman Rena DiMaso, Destiny Drake West, Mayor Buzby-Cope (Bass River Township), and Mayor Hatcher (City of Riverside)


Delaware State Representative Stephanie Bolden and CEO Destiny Drake West


Georgia State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick and Destiny Drake West


Georgia State Representative Kim Schofield, Councilwoman Neat Robinson, Destiny Drake West, Georgia State Representative Sandra Scott, Georgia State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick, Georgia State Senator Tonya Anderson, and Illinois State Representative Camille Lilly


Destiny Drake West and U.S. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley


Destiny Drake West and Madam Vice President of Peru, Mercedes Aráoz Fernández

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